Case Studies

Each admission to Paxton Hall is special and has its own unique features. On this page we illustrate, briefly, a few (not all) case studies of types of admissions.

Privately funded planned admission

Planned admissions normally start with an initial inquiry made by the family by telephone, email or online. A viewing is arranged for the resident and the family at which time they are shown around the home and the resident’s needs are discussed. They are given the home’s brochure, details of the website and fees. This is followed by a second visit by the resident and or their family during which finances and other practical matters are discussed. Once an in-principle decision is made by the resident to make Paxton Hall their permanent home an assessment visit by a senior member of staff to the resident’s home (or hospital) is arranged. A series of actions are triggered upon agreement of an admission date: admission paperwork, appointment of a GP surgery, review of medication, appointment of a Key Worker for the resident, preparation of an initial outline care plan, discussion around the choice of colours and furniture for the room and whether the resident wishes to bring in some or all of their furniture (this is actively encouraged) etc. During this period senior staff of the home and the Administrator keep in contact with the family to ensure that they are supported during the whole process.

Respite Care

Residents come to Paxton Hall for short stays ranging from a week to several months for a variety of reasons: trial periods prior to making long term decisions; recuperation after hospital discharge; for a short break from home; to give their Carer at home a break etc. Some residents come from afar to be near family in the area.

The initial inquiry is made by the family or resident, a health or social care professional or a hospital ward. This is followed by a visit to Paxton Hall, an assessment visit by our staff and a review of the prospective resident’s care plan to ensure that we can meet the resident’s needs.

Most respite admissions are privately funded although we do sometimes get residents who are funded by the Local Authority.

Emergency Admission

Occasionally we get a call from a health or social care professional who urgently needs to place a resident from the local community. This can be for numerous reasons: a family emergency, a breakdown of a support system, a resident living on their own is suddenly unwell and cannot cope etc. Depending on whether a room is available, the professional’s assessment is reviewed, an assessment visit is made on the same day if possible and a decision is made on whether we can admit the resident. In most cases, admission takes place the following day although there have been cases where admission has taken place on the same day.

You are cordially invited to visit us at Paxton Hall if you are you are looking for a home for either yourself or someone close to you, You can visit us unannounced on Monday to Friday between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM or by prior appointment with the Administrator for any other time. This will enable us to ensure there is a senior person around to answer your questions.


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