Palliative Care

End-of-life care is undoubtedly one of the most difficult times for families, despite the inevitability of life itself. For those in such a position, Paxton Hall is honoured to have a superb reputation for providing empathic, expert and holistic care to make final weeks full of only love, comfort, and warmth.

Experienced Staff

All our staff take immense pride in our end-of-life care. Our carers have the excellent training to keep your loved one cared for 24/7, for company, for medicines, for beddings and furnishings, anything that your loved one might need. Local GPs and District nurses who work with Paxton Hall are incredibly supportive to patients, as well as being on call 24/7 for the duration of the period. In final days and hours, it is our policy to keep your loved one at Paxton Hall; their home, where we can look after them (unless their doctor advises otherwise). Families are always involved in these discussions and should your loved one prefer to be in the hospital or some other place in their final hours those wishes would be respected. However, it’s notable that the vast majority of our residents choose to remain in the beautiful surroundings and expert carers at Paxton Hall for their last moments.

Close Support for Families

To say that having a loved one in Palliative Care is difficult would be a huge understatement, and we understand this intimately. Senior staff from Paxton Hall will actively help family members through this most difficult of times and can offer close support, as well as signposting and referrals to bereavement counselling and continuing emotional care.

Our Approach to Palliative Care

We are absolutely person-centred in our approach to care and will do everything possible to ensure residents want for nothing during their time in Palliative Care. Our experienced care staff, nurses and connections to primary care services can help us identify, prevent and treat painful symptoms, sources of discomfort, and anything that is negatively affecting your loved one’s quality of life. We are committed to ensuring that when the time does come, your loved one’s final moments will be full of love, dignity and affection, preceded by the utmost in comfort, pain management and company. There are no restrictions on visiting hours, meaning relatives can spend as much time as they like with their loved one.

Palliative Care is a delicate, complex and highly emotional field. We work to make it as comfortable as possible for your loved one and offer continuing support for families when Palliative Care comes to an end.

You are cordially invited to visit us at Paxton Hall if you are you are looking for a home for either yourself or someone close to you, You can visit us unannounced on Monday to Friday between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM or by prior appointment with the Administrator for any other time. This will enable us to ensure there is a senior person around to answer your questions.


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