Interview with Charmane Mitchelson, Activities Co-ordinator

At Paxton Hall Care Home, Charmane Mitchelson, the dedicated Activities Co-ordinator, has been making significant impacts in the lives of residents for over six years. Her role involves crafting daily experiences that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the residents. Here’s a closer look at how Charmane enriches daily life at our care home.

Activities Co-ordinator

Charmane describes her role with enthusiasm, “What I like most about my role as Activities Co-ordinator is having the ability and flexibility to make a positive difference to as many people as possible on a day-to-day basis”. Her days are well-structured, typically featuring two main activities—one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In between these sessions, Charmane spends time with those who have more complex needs, ensuring that every individual feels engaged and valued.

Tailoring Activities to Resident Needs

One of the core elements of Charmane’s role is planning activities that resonate with all residents, taking into account their abilities and desires. Through communication and feedback, she strives to ensure that each activity is enjoyable and inclusive. “Activities have to accommodate the abilities and wishes of the residents,” she notes, emphasising the importance of understanding individual preferences to ensure everyone has a good time.

Special Considerations for Diverse Needs

An important element for Charmane is making activities work for all residents, even if they have different needs. “I have to make sure there is a balance that enables everyone to join in in any capacity that they are able. I ensure there is a range of activities with different complexity levels to suit everyone.”

Many residents at Paxton Hall have dementia, and Charmane approaches this challenge with a blend of creativity and care. She utilises tools like the Magic Table, which offers interactive sensory experiences ideal for those with communication challenges. Additionally, therapy dolls provide comfort and engagement, helping to cater to the daily needs of these residents. “Residents who have dementia prefer more sensory activities,” Charmane mentions, showcasing her adaptive strategies for inclusive engagement.

Inclusivity in Cultural and Personal Interests

Respecting the diverse cultural backgrounds and personal interests of the residents is paramount in Charmane’s planning. She ensures that activities do not assume participation based on cultural or personal preferences, giving residents the freedom to choose their level of engagement. Charmane states “It’s very important to be respectful of every individual’s culture(s) and personal interests and never to assume that they will or won’t want to get involved in activities due to this.”

Overcoming Challenges and Future Directions

Organising activities at Paxton Hall can be challenging, requiring flexibility and adaptability. Charmane says, “It can be very challenging when organising and planning activities because not all activities are suited or wanted when the day comes around. It’s important to be able to be versatile, be pro-active and accommodate resident’s needs effectively.”

Charmane’s ability to adapt and innovate has been key to her success. Looking ahead, she plans to introduce new and exciting activities that offer residents opportunities to explore new interests and experiences.


In her six years at Paxton Hall, Charmane has excelled in her role by bringing both creativity and compassion to her daily tasks. She successfully balances structured activities with the flexibility needed to adapt to the residents’ varying cognitive and physical abilities.


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