National Nest-Box Week (Feb. 2018)

Several years ago, the Friends of Paxton Pits Nature Reserve (in Little Paxton) presented a nest-box to the residents of Paxton Hall Care Home and it has been used by blue tits every spring.

This year they requested a second box from the Friends, partly because it is a good thing to do for the birds, but also because the birds bring so much pleasure to the residents and staff.

Steve and Janet Prior, who are volunteers at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, delivered the new box on Monday when a chirpy flock of staff and residents gathered to watch it being hung on the wall.

Within hours of putting the box up, Pam Rook, our Activities Co-ordinator, wrote: “You will not believe this, but we already have Blue tits investigating the new box.  One of our Carers and myself were watching from the conservatory and we had blue tits on both boxes at the same time.  We were so excited to say the least.”

The residents of Paxton Hall would like to express their gratitude to the volunteers of Paxton Pitts Nature Reserve.

Images: (1) Residents with volunteers from Paxton Pitts Nature Reserve; (2) Our handyman, Richard Redman, putting up the nest box.

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