Exercise and Ageing: Safe and Effective Workouts for Seniors


Choosing to add some exercise to your daily routine can help you feel better. At Paxton Hall, we recognise the importance of this, and help our residents to exercise in a way that works best for them. Our special method is called “Embracing Movement”. It’s all about finding fun and safe ways for our residents to stay active, so it’s good for their health and fun for them. It’s also a great way for everyone to feel more like part of a team.


The Essence of Active Ageing:


As we get older, it’s important to stay active. It’s about finding the right point where we keep our bodies strong and our minds calm and happy.


1.Getting stronger and more stable: It’s good to do a few simple exercises that fit in with what everyone can do. They keep our muscles in shape, help our joints, and make us more stable on our feet.

2.Move more freely: Incorporating stretching exercises or yoga into our day can help us move better and relieve stiffness. This can make a big difference when it comes to moving well.

3.Keeping our heart healthy: Gentle activities such as walking, or exercises that we can do sitting down, are good for our heart. Such exercises promote blood circulation and are also easy on the joints.

4.Keep your balance: Good balance is super important, especially as we get older. It helps us to feel secure on our feet and prevents us from falling. We can incorporate simple balance exercises into our daily lives to help us feel strong and agile.


Why Seniors Should Exercise


Staying active is important for the health of seniors, not only for physical fitness but for overall well-being. Staying active helps to maintain bodily functions and clear thinking. Furthermore, physical activity is closely linked to mental health. Regular exercise can sharpen the mind and lift the mood, counteracting feelings of loneliness or sadness that can occur with less activity. Good physical health contributes to better sleep behaviour, which in turn improves mental well-being. On the other hand, a lack of exercise can lead to muscle weakness, which makes daily tasks more difficult. It can also contribute to pain, increased fatigue and feelings of isolation. Always talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise programme, especially if you haven’t exercised for a while or have health problems. This will ensure that the activities you choose are safe and beneficial.


Our promise is to stay active and healthy for a lifetime.


At Paxton Hall, we want to ensure that each of us lives a full and happy life. We make sure that everyone can do the activities that suit them, so that everyone feels comfortable and has fun. We see the grace of ageing. We know that with a little help and the right activities, each of us can live a vibrant and rich life.

You are cordially invited to visit us at Paxton Hall if you are you are looking for a home for either yourself or someone close to you, You can visit us unannounced on Monday to Friday between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM or by prior appointment with the Administrator for any other time. This will enable us to ensure there is a senior person around to answer your questions.


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