Embrace your beauty lines: Beauty regimes for over 60s

We’ve been chasing beauty for a very, very long time. Cultures dating back to antiquity have been found to have featured beautification techniques (with varying results), however, in the last several centuries, we’ve been able to live a lot longer than was otherwise possible. Beauty waits for no-one! And so, consequently, arrives the question of elderly beauty.


Health is Beautiful

Many of the ‘signs of ageing’ that we try to fight in our everyday lives manifest themselves first in our skin. As our largest organ, our skin takes a battering throughout life as it protects us from the weather, bacterial and viral invaders, and the damaging effects of the sun. It’s no surprise then that, as we get a little older, it starts to show signs of the work it’s had to do on our behalf. Wrinkles, dry textures and increased susceptibility to the sun are all part and parcel with older skin – however, there are tried and tested ways to keep your skin looking healthy throughout life, without breaking the bank on top-shelf cosmetics…


Supporting your Skin!

What can we start doing today to keep our skin happy? What causes damage and strain?

  1. The Sun – While a sunny day is always a gorgeous treat, those UV rays can cause skin damage – particularly in the middle of the day and during the summer months. Wearing sunscreen factor 30 or above, limiting time spent in direct sunlight and wearing sunhats can really make a difference in keeping your skin healthy!
  2. Tackling Dry Skin – Keeping your skin properly hydrated is one of the best ways to minimise wrinkles and irritation. Using moisturiser (also known as emollients) regularly is a great way to keep skin healthy, particularly in the winter months – where sharp cold breezes, central heating and dry air can all dry out your skin. Ever wondered why lips become itchy in the winter? It’s because they’re getting too dry!

Going Grey with Grace

There’s a stigma attached to going grey – and it’s completely unnecessary. It happens to literally everyone, and far from being something to be afraid of, it can become a symbol of elegance and beauty. Here are some great tips to make the most of the silver!

  1. Opting for a shorter cut – Reshaping your hair to a shorter cut can allow for stylish, fashionable and graceful dos that can hide the demarcation line – the line where darker shades (usually in or near the roots) meets the lighter grey.
  2. Blend in complementary colours – Adding highlights in brighter colours, such as light blond, can add texture and complexity to your hairstyle – complementing the natural grey with a vista of light!


You’ll be amazed at the incredible difference taking proper care of your skin can make – from looking younger and healthier to experiencing much less soreness and irritation! And never be worried about going grey – as it really is a gateway to style!


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